Markets & Locations

Interested in purchasing our bath treats in person? Awesome Sauce.


These are either exact dates, or rough estimates of the event date.

These are the events Soap Sweetie & Sweetie's will be at. 

Thurston County Fair Hair Thurston Fairgrounds 7/26/7/30 w/th 10-9, fs 10-10, s10-8
Thurston County Fair Balloons -mom
Thurston Fairgrounds 7/26/7/31 w/th 10-9, fs 10-10, s10-9
Metal Hair Clips Magnolia Summerfest 8/04-8/06
Plastic Hair Clips Pierce County Fair Graham
Hair SEAMEOW con 8/12 - 8/13
Bath Bomb SEAMEOW con 8/12 - 8/13
Hair Festival at Mt. SI 8/12-8/13
Bath Bomb Festival at Mt. SI 8/12-8/13
Hair Snoqualmie Days 8/19 9-6
Bath bomb Snoqualmie Days 8/19 9-6
both hair & soaps ok Washington State Fair Puyallup Fairgrounds 9/1 - 9/24
Bath Bomb Snoqualmie BLock Party on the Ridge Balloons mom Snoqualmie 9/9 Sun 11-5
Hair Snoqualmie block party on the ridge SOAP Snoqualmie 9/9 Sat
Salmon Days Issaquah 10/7-10/8
Hair Alchemy fair 10/21/2023
Bath Bomb Alchemy fair
Metal Hair Tacoma Holiday food & Gift SHow Tacoma Dome 10/26 - 10/29
Grit city Comic con 11/11
both hair and soap. asked to give exchange product for booth fee Kumori Con 11/17-11/19
Metal Hair portland holiday market expo portland convention center 11/17-11/19
Metal Hair Victorian Country Christmas 11/30-12/03
Metal and plastic SCM christmas market seattle center Huts 11/24-12/24
Metal and plastic SCM christmas market seattle center Huts 11/24-12/24